After another warm summer, relief is not far away if you've been thinking
about a way you can save dollars off your energy bills

We are thrilled to announce an exclusive Solar Energy Offer, brought to you in partnership with Go Sunny Solar and sonnen, renowned experts in solar energy solutions. This unique deal, exclusively available to our staff, their families, and friends, is a shining example of our strong relationship with sonnen and Go Sunny Solar. As VIP merchants of Plenti and invaluable allies in sustainable energy, they play a pivotal role in helping us provide you with an opportunity to make your home energy resilient. Embrace the power of sunshine and transform the way you power your home with this exclusive offer!

25% off their Recommended Retail Price*

$0 sign in a money bag.


Premium Panel
Premium Inverter
10 Year Installation Warranty
25 Year Product Warranty

6.6kWh $6,599*
9.9kWh $8,999*
13.2kWh $10,999*

$0 sign in a money bag.


10kWh useable capacity
Blackout protection
10 Year Warranty
Outdoor Rating IP56

sonnenBatterie Evo 11kWh


$0 sign in a money bag.

Solar + Battery

The set and forget of Household Energy Systems Premium Panel + Battery Premium Inverter

6.6kWh + sonnen Evo $17,598*
9.9kWh + sonnen Evo $19,998*
13.2kWh + sonnen Evo $21,998*

Now is the perfect time to claim your energy independence and secure a great deal, durable and quality components and share the offer with your community.

Deals ends 15th of February , 2024
*Specific circumstances may see variations in these prices
*Finance available by via Plenti Green Loan

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