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Your Go Sunny Solar Adelaide Journey

So you’re ready to take solar seriously, but you want to make sure you’ve got the best fit for your home’s needs.
So how does it work?

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Take a short survey

See if your home is suitable for a solar power system. Our short survey can help cover some key basics.

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Get a quick 5 minute intro call

In this quick call, we will see whether a solar system is right for you and whether we are a good fit for each other.

Your time is valuable so we won’t look to waste any of it.

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Get a consult with a solar panel expert

If we are both confident that Go Sunny can help,  we will book you in a full 45 minute consult with a local solar expert.

Get honest and transparent advice with a focus on finding a solution you’re happy with.

Our expert will help you determine the appropriately sized system for your electricity bills and get solar panels installed on your property without any upfront cost through our ANYTIME Solar Plan.

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Leave your energy retailer in the dust

Show them that you’ve had enough and you’re taking matters into your own hands.  

Stop paying for power. Start making your own. Book a consult to learn how you can install solar panels on your property with our ANYTIME Solar Plan.

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Solar Adelaide FAQ

Is ANYTIME Solar Plan interest-free?

Yes! All of our ANYTIME Solar Plans come with 0% interest and a $0 upfront payment. All your repayments are fixed from the beginning, in writing. No hidden charges or nasty surprises later on.

How is there no upfront cost?

In South Australia, solar adelaide power costs more than anywhere else in the world, and the silver lining is that we also stand to save the most from solar power, than anywhere else in the world. With the Go Sunny ANYTIME Solar Plan, supported by Platinum Partner, Green-Loan lender Plenti, you can get a solar power PV system installed on your property for $0 upfront.

If you are looking for solar panels in Adelaide, we've got you covered! Our solar panels Adelaide installation services are top-notch and designed to provide you with reliable and affordable solar power solutions for your home or business.

Can I pay this off sooner?

Yes, you can make additional repayments on the ANYTIME Solar Plan at any time. It is flexible around your lifestyle at the time, with the ability to contribute lump sums off the balance OR increase your regular repayment amount.

That's why we call it the ANYTIME Solar Plan - because you can get started or finish it off ANYTIME you like! You can make changes to your repayments through your Plenti account on their website.

How much is the Australian Government solar rebate?

The Australian government subsidy covers $2,000 - $7,000 off the full cost of all the equipment, installations and charges, as a point-of-sale discount that makes the better systems affordable.

Adelaide households were able to apply for the Home Battery Scheme and save money, but that has now finished.

Are you CEC accredited?

Yes! Rest assured, Go Sunny as a company as well as each installer and designer is a Clean Energy Council accredited installer. This essentially means that we have paid for and completed all courses and training modules required to achieve accreditation.

This is often an extra year of study and experience on top of a general A-Class Electrician apprenticeship or qualification, and longer for emerging technologies like battery storage. Companies who have a poor reputation from numerous audits/reviews, or who perform unethical, dangerous and non-compliant workmanship, eventually lose their licence or accreditation.

Are your solar panel installers all qualified electricians?

Yes! Every Solar Adelaide installation team has at least one fully qualified CEC accredited designer, solar installer and electrician.

They complete all the sophisticated wiring and critical tasks, sign off on the job, staking their reputation and licence on the work they have completed. They can often be supported by experienced solar roof labourers, who assist in placement of panels and rails, but aren’t involved with the electrical side.

It is also common for senior electricians who are adding solar qualifications under-supervision or apprentice electricians who hope to move into solar or renewables, to make up other members of a team.

Do you guarantee performance?

The solar modules are supplied with a manufacturer's product warranty and peak power warranty.

Go Sunny may, at its discretion offer one of the following remedies in the event of a successful claim against the module performance warranty:

1) to replace the defective module/s
2) refund the percentage of the cost of the module to the customer representing the percentage of the power output less than 80% of the nameplate power rating.

In South Australia, we endeavour to but are not bound by its commitment to rectify any fault within 14 days of notification.

How do my solar system’s savings work?

It's as simple as, solar system's panels on your roof = generating free power from the sun, all day. This means everything in the home can be powered for free, so you’re not buying any power from the grid while your system is making power instead, and more than half of your bills are gone because you’re not buying any power from the grid most of the day.

That’s only half the story though. A good quality solar system, installed by an expert designer and with enough panels, can make 4 or 5 times more power than you need in the middle of the day.

Why go with Go Sunny Solar Adelaide for your solar energy needs?

At Go Sunny Solar Adelaide, we pride ourselves on our expert knowledge and experienced workmanship when it comes to installing a solar system. When it comes to installing solar, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the perfect system for their needs and the best possible customer service.

If it were ever to let you down, you shouldn’t be left stranded, it should be our job to swoop in and pick up the pieces for you. We take any concerns seriously and are accountable for making your journey a successful one wherever possible.

How long is the payback period for paying off my solar power system?

Go Sunny Solar Adelaide has calculated 5 years as the payback period, or the amount of time it will take for your solar panels to pay themselves off.

This calculation is based on a number of factors, which include the solar system size, the plentiful sunshine available for South Austrlaians, good feed in tariff rates and average electricity rates.

Do I need battery storage?

In some circumstances, home battery storage can also help store free power to release at night.

Outside of the worst few weeks of winter, most solar systems in powered homes can produce enough free power to cover all your needs, which quickly translates to thousands of dollars back in your pocket every year, for decades.

Still need help piecing it all together? Jump on a quick call with our assessment team to talk about solar batteries, and we can answer all your questions and cover things in more detail.

What happens after installation?

Our experienced team will turn the solar system on to test and demonstrate that everything works and is ready for use, and can demonstrate a shut-down or reboot procedure. You can now have peace of mind that everything is working and you're getting a solar feed.

At the end of an install, our solar experts will require your WIFI network and password to connect your system to the phone app for monitoring, so that you can be updated on your system and so that Go Sunny can assist in monitoring for faults and ongoing maintenance services.

It is a regulatory compliance that all new installations and properties have a fixed internet source for both the new smart meter and the system’s inverters. If you do not have a home WIFI service or signal, we must provide you with at least a WIFI dongle with a data plan (optional extra cost if no WIFI). 

How do I set myself up to save lots?

Your energy plan will be more important or relevant to your savings if you:

  • Have a large system
  • Export a large amount of excess power
  • Have large concessions
  • Use a lot of big ticket items at night

Otherwise, the time you use your power (or don’t use it), how much and on which tariff, will influence your savings more significantly than your energy plan.

If you want to save far more money from your solar system, “load-shifting” and “strategic energy usage” can save you 2-500% more than finding a slightly better energy plan. To learn more about it, and take control of your energy savings, check out our blogs and cheat sheets.