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Frequently Asked Questions about Solar

You'll find answers to many of your questions about how solar works, how you can save money, and what is different about Go Sunny.

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Solar Savings Breakdown

How many panels do I need to wipe out my bills?

In short - a lot. 

Why? Our power usage and power prices are going to continue to increase.

Power Usage - Household electricity consumption continues to be on the rise, as we shift further online, improve the power of appliances and find new gadgets with bigger batteries more and more. 

Power Prices - To make things worse, the rates of electricity prices have significantly skyrocketed over the past decade and are expected to keep rising.

To combat this, going solar can help you set yourself up for the future. You can overwhelm your bills by generating higher volumes of solar power and have enough free power to overwhelm night usage.

Does solar still work in winter?


The latest advancements still produce significant results during all seasons. It is true that Winter days have several hours less sunshine than Summer days. Less hours of sunlight will mean less free power is produced.

Tailoring a solution to meet your needs in all seasons, or getting a larger system, is the best way you can ensure enough production all year round.

We have a comprehensive breakdown HERE.

What is a Feed-in tariff or “Solar Rebate”?

A feed-In tariff is the per kilowatt hour rate in dollars/cents for energy exported (or “fed back”) into the energy grid, that was generated from a solar PV system.

This was once commonly referred to (incorrectly) as a rebate, when the government paid lucrative incentives for early adopters of renewable energy technology (Pre 2013). These are known as premium feed-in tariffs. Feed-in tariffs are still alive and active, they are now negotiated between an energy provider and an energy customer, with a range of different rates and plans available. 

If you would like to see what the maximum feed-in available in your circumstances with each energy provider, find out more here.

When do i need to replace or upgrade my current solar system?

Whenever your system can no longer adequately meet your needs or an upgrade/replacement becomes cheaper than the alternative.

If you are experiencing significant electricity bills, you should speak further with an expert about your options.

It doesn't hurt to get an update.

Do I need battery storage?

In some circumstances, home battery storage can also help store free power to release at night.

Outside of the worst few weeks of winter, most solar systems in powered homes can produce enough free power to cover all your needs, which quickly translates to thousands of dollars back in your pocket every year, for decades.

Still need help piecing it all together? Jump on a quick call with our assessment team to talk about solar batteries, and we can answer all your questions and cover things in more detail.

ANYTIME Solar Plan

What is $0 Upfront Solar?

$0 Upfront Solar means there is no initial outlay and zero deposit. But only when you’re successfully approved for an ANYTIME Solar Plan. This way, you see results straight away, because you can get the better equipment and the larger systems today, but without the big outlay.

This way, you’re taking maximum advantage of current government subsidies while you still can. And your electricity bill money doesn’t go to waste on power and you’re securing a long-term appreciating asset for your home and you are cashing in the dividends for decades.

What is the ANYTIME Solar Plan?

With the ANYTIME Solar Plan, we help customise a solar power solution for your home, tailored to your current and future energy needs with $0 upfront costs. We then set you up to make simple, interest-free repayments, that begin 30 days after you’re already fully installed and received your solar panels in full.

The reason we call the plan ANYTIME is that you can finish it off, at a reduced cost, ANYTIME you need, with no lock-ins or exit fees to close your account early.

Is ANYTIME Solar Plan interest-free?

Yes! All of our ANYTIME Solar Plans come with 0% interest and a $0 upfront payment. All your repayments are fixed from the beginning, in writing. No hidden charges or nasty surprises later on.

Why is ANYTIME different from just “getting a loan”?

The purpose of ANYTIME is in the name. The idea is you can start it anytime you’re ready and approved, then finish it at your own pace. There are no lock-ins, penalties or exit fees. You are in control of how fast you want to finish your plan. If you prefer to aggressively finish it with all your spare funds, go ahead. If you have no intention of using your spare savings for anything other than spoiling yourself, there is no pressure to pay it any faster.

Why is a $0 Upfront Solar plan like ANYTIME the way to go?

The idea is to get yourself set up and saving now and lock in a low interest-free repayment with $0 upfront. This way, as power prices increase, you’re paying less for solar power than your current bill is anyway, pumping the breaks on future electricity bills AND less than what you save from solar, at that same time. You’re simply redirecting saved money from wasted bill money to get your solar system instead.

The added bonus, of course, is that any extra you save is all yours to spend on something else for yourself AND you’ll be able to use as much power as you like through hot summer days without feeling it in the back pocket because you have an abundance of solar power from your roof.

Warranties & Maintenance

I need help or think there could be an issue with my system, what can I do?

If you are experiencing any faults, or issues, or are just unsure about anything, please contact us immediately 9-5 pm on 1800 979 680 and ask to speak with the operations team so we can help review the situation and ensure your system is operating as it should be.

Any information, images, screenshots, electricity bills or similar you feel may help communicate your concerns or reach a faster outcome, please feel free to share them via email to

What am I covered for if things go wrong?

Go Sunny guarantees a minimum of 10 years of free repair and replacement, with no labour cost, on your whole system and installation (unless otherwise stipulated in writing and agreed upon by the homeowner).

How long is my solar panel system covered under warranty?

The solar panel manufacturer will have a 12-25 year product warranty for replacement panels, with a 25-year performance warranty.

The inverter manufacturer typically covers your warranty for 10 years.

The installation warranty and workmanship warranty are 10 years.

Does my system need any ongoing maintenance?

Solar systems are designed to be low-maintenance, however, you can regularly use the WIFI Monitoring app that comes with your Go Sunny Solar system to ensure it is operating at its peak efficiency. Solar systems generally don’t require much cleaning or maintenance, as the rain is usually able to wash off any debris built up.


Why do I see ads online and TV for solar systems for $2,000-$6,000?

The short answer is, greed.

Cheap panels, sold and installed by foreign workers and call centres, at dirt cheap overheads or margins can be done for as little as $4,000-$9,000, especially if you have no intention to be in business or honour concerns or warranties long-term. But that’s of course before the subsidy on panels. So you can still profit even of a $2000 system, if you’re willing to cut every corner to get there.

The subsidy is available based on the number of panels you get or the rated output of those panels. This means you only have to install the bare minimum, cheapest system, to claim the maximum government subsidy. 

In other words, you get the same subsidy on cheap stuff as you do high quality equipment. So basically, the subsidy can either make already cheap equipment look VERY cheap, or it can make the good stuff affordable for the average household, who can’t afford to always be fixing things and seeing their bills return again.

The solar market as well as consumers have been plagued by “lowest prices guaranteed” solar providers for over a decade. Many of which are owned by the same foreign entities and were all previously known by different business names or under different ABNs, originally notorious for poor business practices.

Who actually installs it all?

Go Sunny employs and partners with only qualified, experienced and trusted CEC Accredited designers and installers and their respective apprentices, tradesmen, roof labourers and technical offsiders. As Go Sunny is responsible for workmanship on all installations, we only engage tradesmen that have a large body of proven high quality work, an impeccable reputation and/or are trained internally to the highest standards. 

A high degree of scrutiny is exercised, with installations routinely audited by senior members or colleagues to maintain the highest standard of compliance and quality control. Installers are required to photograph the home before commencing as well as each area of the completed install as proof of their workmanship being completed. Our installers even photograph themselves at the installation, to match paperwork and all components used are marked and recorded with individual parts and serial numbers, system wide.

You can view our major partners and installers here.

Can I refer someone?

Yes, you can earn up to $500 (depending on the system size) for each referral. The team puts a lot of hard work and careful thought into delivering solutions that have great results people are truly happy from start to finish.

We do whatever we can to tear down the barriers holding people back from being able to afford and install the calibre of systems everyone really wants.

How long will the whole process take, until I receive my solar installation and begin saving money?

We aim to have all systems installed in less than 30 days.*

The majority of our customers choose a system under the no outlay ANYTIME Solar Plan, which means they aren’t expected to begin any payment until 30 days after installation is completed. 

From the day of purchase**, the average*** turnaround time is: 

  • 16 days Adelaide metro and outer-metro (Up-to 120km)
  • 31 days regional areas (<300km)
  • 46 days for deep-regional (Mt Gambier, Renmark, Pt Lincoln, Whyalla areas)

* That don’t require specialist work or equipment and within 120km of Adelaide.

** With a successful approval and all documents required submitted or completed

*** Median

Why go with Go Sunny Solar Adelaide for your solar energy needs?

At Go Sunny Solar Adelaide, we pride ourselves on our expert knowledge and experienced workmanship when it comes to installing a solar system. When it comes to installing solar, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the perfect system for their needs and the best possible customer service.

If it were ever to let you down, you shouldn’t be left stranded, it should be our job to swoop in and pick up the pieces for you. We take any concerns seriously and are accountable for making your journey a successful one wherever possible.