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FAQ - ANYTIME Solar Plan

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$0 Upfront Solar

What is $0 Upfront Solar?

$0 Upfront Solar means there is no initial outlay and zero deposit. But only when you’re successfully approved for an ANYTIME Solar Plan. This way, you see results straight away, because you can get the better equipment and the larger systems today, but without the big outlay.

This way, you’re taking maximum advantage of current government subsidies while you still can. And your electricity bill money doesn’t go to waste on power and you’re securing a long-term appreciating asset for your home and you are cashing in the dividends for decades.

How is there no upfront cost?

In South Australia, solar adelaide power costs more than anywhere else in the world, and the silver lining is that we also stand to save the most from solar power, than anywhere else in the world. With the Go Sunny ANYTIME Solar Plan, supported by Platinum Partner, Green-Loan lender Plenti, you can get a solar power PV system installed on your property for $0 upfront.

If you are looking for solar panels in Adelaide, we've got you covered! Our solar panels Adelaide installation services are top-notch and designed to provide you with reliable and affordable solar power solutions for your home or business.

Why is a $0 Upfront Solar plan like ANYTIME the way to go?

The idea is to get yourself set up and saving now and lock in a low interest-free repayment with $0 upfront. This way, as power prices increase, you’re paying less for solar power than your current bill is anyway, pumping the breaks on future electricity bills AND less than what you save from solar, at that same time. You’re simply redirecting saved money from wasted bill money to get your solar system instead.

The added bonus, of course, is that any extra you save is all yours to spend on something else for yourself AND you’ll be able to use as much power as you like through hot summer days without feeling it in the back pocket because you have an abundance of solar power from your roof.

Are all $0 Upfront Solar Plans interest-free?

No, some other installers may offer $0 upfront solar plans that are not interest-free. But ANYTIME is interest-free.


When do my repayments start?

Your monthly repayments only start 30 days after your solar system has been installed. This allows you to start saving immediately and make monthly repayments on the ANYTIME Solar Plan that's lower than your electricity bill. All your repayments will be made through Plenti's website.

How does Plenti work?

You will make monthly repayments for your ANYTIME Solar Plan through Plenti. We do all the hard work for you, and to pay off your solar system, you make monthly repayments through Plenti over a course of 5 years. However, you are free to pay your system off sooner.

How do I monitor my Plenti account?

You can monitor your Plenti account through their website. Simply log in to your Plenti account and go to 'View loan details'. You can view your outstanding loan balance, and you can change your monthly repayments if you wish to pay off your ANYTIME Solar Plan sooner!

How much control do I have over my plan?

Lots! The ANYTIME Solar Plan is a great way to get started with solar without any upfront cost. You can start saving immediately, and there are no interest rates to worry about. You can have certainty over your monthly repayments and budget with ease. With our ANYTIME Solar Plan, we take care of the installation for you, you're in control of your repayments - it's certainly a good deal!

Get in touch with us today to find out if you're eligible for the ANYTIME Solar Plan.

Who are Plenti?

We partner with Plenti for our ANYTIME Solar Plan. Plenti is a solar financing company that offers an affordable and flexible way to pay for your solar panel system You can start saving immediately on your power bills with $0 upfront costs and no interest rates. You'll have greater flexibility over your repayments, and you can choose to pay off your system sooner.

ANYTIME Solar Plan

Is ANYTIME Solar Plan interest-free?

Yes! All of our ANYTIME Solar Plans come with 0% interest and a $0 upfront payment. All your repayments are fixed from the beginning, in writing. No hidden charges or nasty surprises later on.

How do I qualify for the ANYTIME Plan?

The ANYTIME plan is available to a wide number of households on a wide variety of credit scores and income streams. These include:

- Full-time
- Part-time
- Casual
- Self-employed
- Self-funded retirees
- Veterans
- Aged pensioners
- Disability support pension
- Parents with family tax concessions

Fill out this form to see if you qualify.

Why is ANYTIME different from just “getting a loan”?

The purpose of ANYTIME is in the name. The idea is you can start it anytime you’re ready and approved, then finish it at your own pace. There are no lock-ins, penalties or exit fees. You are in control of how fast you want to finish your plan. If you prefer to aggressively finish it with all your spare funds, go ahead. If you have no intention of using your spare savings for anything other than spoiling yourself, there is no pressure to pay it any faster.

Is the ANYTIME Plan better than a personal loan?

The average interest rate for a personal loan from a bank is anywhere between 11% and 24% with variable interest. They typically lock you down and require you to pay that back within a few short years. This means you may be paying twice as much in fees in half the time, putting an uncomfortable strain on household budgets.

With the ANYTIME Solar Plan, all fees involved are fixed from day 1. The average difference in fees varies in size but is generally between $400 on a small unit to $900 on a larger unit. This often equates to about 6-9% of the full retail price, spread over an average of 5 years, it’s less than 2% p/a.

What is the ANYTIME Solar Plan?

With the ANYTIME Solar Plan, we help customise a solar power solution for your home, tailored to your current and future energy needs with $0 upfront costs. We then set you up to make simple, interest-free repayments, that begin 30 days after you’re already fully installed and received your solar panels in full.

The reason we call the plan ANYTIME is that you can finish it off, at a reduced cost, ANYTIME you need, with no lock-ins or exit fees to close your account early.

Do I have to change to a different power company to get these savings?

No, you don't have to switch power companies to get solar savings with our ANYTIME Solar Plan. This is because you will continue to receive your energy from your current electricity retailer.

You will need to stay with your current retailer until installation activation, however, after that, you have as much flexibility in changing your power retailer as you’d like. The only thing that changes is that you will be using less electricity when you install a solar system - saving money on your power bills immediately.

Can I pay this off sooner?

Yes, you can make additional repayments on the ANYTIME Solar Plan at any time. It is flexible around your lifestyle at the time, with the ability to contribute lump sums off the balance OR increase your regular repayment amount.

That's why we call it the ANYTIME Solar Plan - because you can get started or finish it off ANYTIME you like! You can make changes to your repayments through your Plenti account on their website.

Will I be locked into an electricity plan if I proceed with an ANYTIME Solar Plan?

No, you will not be locked into an electricity plan if you choose to go ahead with the ANYTIME Solar Plan.

Will I start seeing savings on my power bills immediately?

Yes, your bills should be reduced immediately, depending on the billing cycle and the installation month with the ANYTIME Solar Plan. This is because you will be using less electricity when you get solar installed.

Is the ANYTIME Solar Plan the same cost if I were to choose to buy my system outright?

Yes. But the difference is not much. Because we’ve partnered with Australia's best lending partners for specialised green-loan products, we’ve managed to secure some of the best rates available.

By getting solar with ANYTIME Plan, you’re able to invest that money into a higher returning investment. In addition, no one knows how much government subsidies will change in the future. It's better to take advantage of it now before it runs out.

How long does the ANYTIME Plan go for?

Most customers begin on a 5-year plan to keep repayments low and give breathing room to learn how their system will react season to season if it is their first time with solar. From there, ANYTIME customers are typically able to finish within 3.4 - 3.9 years, once savings hit the peak.  

Typical results with customers often see them able to finish their plan in 3.8 years (on average), with most finished in less than 60 months.

In some circumstances, you can be approved for as little as 24 months or as long as 10 years to suit your household’s needs. In the right circumstances, we can help customise a 3, 4, 5, 6 or even 10-year plan, to suit your goals and needs.