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Simplify Your Energy Management and Maximise Your Solar Savings

The new Clipsal Cortex might be the best energy management tool for your home.

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Intelligent Energy Management

AI-powered system offers real-time insights for efficient solar energy use, and making smart decisions.

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No WiFi?
No Problem

Clipsal Cortex uses a SIM Card to provide reliable energy monitoring without WiFi, suitable for homes with varying solar setups.

No lock-in fees

Great Return on Investment

Clipsal Cortex tracks solar savings, showing that the system pays for itself, saving customers up to hundreds of dollars annually.

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User-friendly interface

The Clipsal Cortex platform is designed to be easy to use. With its intuitive interface, you can effortlessly monitor your energy usage and solar production.

Optimised Energy Management

The Clipsal Cortex helps you make better energy choices. It provides personalised, unbiased advice based on your energy usage, helping you choose the right energy plan and maximise your solar savings

Real time Insights

Personalised and appliance level insights to better understand what is driving energy consumption and change behaviour.

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