How we create a brighter future for everyone

No one gets ahead by
conforming to the status quo

We would know. We’re a group of misfits that each tried for years to do it ‘the right way’. Working for traditional solar companies, and being constantly disappointed by the failures, broken promises and profit-at-all-costs mentality.

Fed up with being undervalued and under-appreciated, we wanted to prove that business could be done differently. That giving before taking, being authentically ourselves and giving a damn about the people around us could make a successful company.

Fast-forward three years. Despite the challenges of supply shortages, subsidy drops and market saturation, we have grown rapidly. We are Australia’s fifth largest solar company with high quality partners, an all-star team and thousands of grateful customers. We could say we proved ourselves right

The founders of GO Sunny
Go Sunny team crossing their arms and smiling

Writing our unwritten rules

As we grow, learn and evolve, our success is based on our ‘unwritten rules’. For three years they have shaped our culture and philosophy, allowing us to create serious growth while doing serious good.

We are also one of the most real companies you will deal with, which is why we wrote our rules down. We hope that they will inspire others to reject the traditional mentality of profit at all costs and adopt these principles. Because they create stronger business, happier people, and a better community for everyone.


When it comes to energy, the future is uncertain

Escalating prices. Hotter summers and harsher winters. Unreliable supply

Go Sunny is more
than solar

We are an electrification solutions provider, giving people the security of affordable and accessible power in a tenuous future.

We are
moving quickly

Our most powerful skill is our agility in staying ahead, so when our communities have to live and operate differently, our customers have comfort and security

Solar and other
energy is complex

Even selecting a provider is overwhelming. We’re not about selling, we’re about educating, so that customers are prepared for the future


Increase in power
prices over 12 years

140 years

Highest power prices
have been in this time


Projected increase in energy bills over the next # years.

Current offerings

  • Solar PV
  • Batteries

Project  offerings

  • Heat pump
  • Smart meters
  • Energy management
  • Energy sharing
  • Virtual power plants(VPP)

Our customers

First and foremost, we’re a trusted guide for customers as they navigate a challenging energy future. Already helping families save hundreds of dollars every quarter, our ability to look ahead and adapt will safeguard people against the tough years ahead.

People shouldn’t need to sacrifice comfort or security.
Families are already feeling the pinch of their energy bills, but things are only going to get worse. Every solution we offer revolves around providing more affordable and accessible energy, so that people are never in a position where they have to choose between heating the house on a cold winters’ night or keeping the lights on.
Switching on the community. Every day, we’re making energy solutions easier to understand. When it comes to energy, we’re creating a more astute, self-sufficient and resilient community who can stay ahead of the challenges to come.

5 years of experience

combined years of experience
for our expert team

Solar accrediation

Megawatt installed

Solar panels on a house

in solar subsidies
claimed since 2021


All we ever wanted was to be the solar guy for our family and friends. The trusted local guru, who has all the trade secrets, the inside line and the keys to the kingdom. We soon discovered that by growing the right way, we could take care of more people and make a bigger impact for more households.
Dj Nikolic


Our Staff

Our people are like the X-men of the sustainable energy industry. Highly talented, disenfranchised by ‘mainstream’ employers, and determined to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

In many ways, Go Sunny was created for them. A place where they can belong.

Built on belief. It’s what makes us so good. We all trust and believe in our teammates, who help us believe in ourselves. We also believe in our solutions: the products we sell, the systems we use, and our ability to make positive change in the lives of our customers.
We’re the same type of weird. We don’t hide the fact that we’re different. It’s what makes us who we are and creates our tight-knit camaraderie. Whether it’s smashing out our hour of power or playing pool when we’re done for the day, we’re the team that plays together and stays together

Go Sunny team working at their desks

There is a very big difference between needing to work hard and wanting to work hard. At Go Sunny, we’re the second one.

Ryan Powell


Our partners

Going it alone might be fast, but going together is what gets us far. Our partners share our vision
for a more stable and sustainable energy future, which is why we work together to realise it.

Our suppliers are continuously innovating. Not content with the industry standard, they are constantly driving toward more productive, more reliable and longer lasting solutions.

We’re giving customers the best in quality, at the best in price. We’re helping our suppliers grow through a rapidly expanding market. They’re helping us give customers the ultimate offer through exclusive pricing.

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Our community

We’re about much more than what we can get; we’re about what we can give. We wouldn’t be where we are without the South Australian community, and giving back to them helps us connect with people beyond solar. We share their interests and their challenges, and contribute what we can to make clubs and causes better for everyone.

We’re here to see grassroots succeed. We are always about the up-and-comers and the underdogs. That was us only a few short years ago, and it’s a mentality we keep to this day. That’s why we contribute to South Australian grassroots sports, so that others get the support to learn, grow and succeed.

We’re also here for the high performers. Focus, commitment and a drive to win. We share these traits with many of South Australia’s top athletes sports teams, which is why we sponsor volleyball players, motorsport teams, and everything in between

Go Sunny team working at their desks

Creating our Godfather offer'

Go Sunny is continuously growing, learning and evolving in the pursuit of our ‘Godfather offer’ offer; one that can’t be replicated, substituted or beaten for value. Our success doesn’t come down to solar or even sustainable energy solutions. It comes down to our four pronged solution: the perfect people, product, process and plan.

People icon

Our people.

Nearly everything we invest goes into our staff. Personable appointment-setters, ethical salespeople and customer-centric installation managers are the cornerstone, keystone and capstone of what we do.

Product icon

Our products.

If our offer is The Godfather, our products are the Goldilocks. They balance quality and longevity with affordability – a crucial factor for most of our customers. We partner with some of the most innovative and well respected brands in the market to obtain highly effective and long-lasting solutions at highly competitive rates for our customers.

Process icon

Our process.

Solar and other energy solutions can be confusing and overwhelming. Our tried, tested and trusted process takes that barrier away, keeping it simple for our customers and helping them focus on what matters most to them. It’s a process that everyone at Go Sunny trains on daily; we know that by doing the reps we will get the results.

Plan icon

Our plan

When it comes to solutions designed for saving money, paying thousands upfront just isn’t possible for many people. And the thought of strict and supplier-biased contracts aren’t too appealing either. We designed the ANYTIME Plan so that people can switch to solar at any time and start saving money from day one, on a plan they can finish anytime they like

The Go Sunny Team at Platinum Retailer Award

Our Values


We love what we do because it improves our customers’ lives. We put ourselves in their shoes – educating them and making sure they feel heard.


We are driven to make a difference, helping
our customers be more comfortable in their homes and in a better financial position.
Ryan Powell

We over me

Whether it’s inside our team or the wider world, community comes before individual gain. Our close relationships extend to
our partner supplier and installer companies. At the end of the day, we have each others’ backs.


We are considerate and caring of those
around us; like a family. If someone is down,
we rally around them and bring them back up
Kayla Bernard

Give before take

From recognising our team to giving back to the community, we take the view that whatever you appreciate, appreciates.


They go above and beyond for us,
which means we go above and beyond for them.
Flynn Wallace-Gravett

Authentically accountable

At individual and company level, we take responsibility for ourselves. We don’t hide from our faults, we use them to make us better.


I am always learning from my mistakes. We are about building a stronger character.
April Slomiany

Get there first

Always looking to the future, we are driven to be the best and hungry to win – and that means helping our customers win, too.


When it’s sink or swim, everyone here would rather learn to swim instead of waiting for the life raft.
Scott Friend


The future is bright

Energy may be uncertain in the years to come. But we are confident that our nimble, ambitious and customer-centric approach will help people be secure and energy-independent. Now the largest solar retailer in South Australia, we are focused on continuing to support those here at home while expanding our impact to the rest of Australia.
Vision for Go Sunny. We’re planning for growth on a national scale: becoming one of the leading providers in almost every state, while maintaining our tight-knit community feel in a nationally-distributed team. We won’t just be a leading provider of solar; we will be known for a broad array of electrification solutions.

These will be provided with the same customer guidance and irrefusable offers that have made us who we are today.
Vision for our communities. South Australians have access to a trusted solution for reducing their bills and having better access to energy. We want that same solution to be available to the rest of Australia. By expanding our reach, we hope to help thousands and thousands more people have a better energy future.
Vision for Australia. Australia has the potential to be a world leader in renewable energy and electrification solutions. We plan to be part of that change; the bridge between new technology and the people who should be using it, by creating solutions to make it more accessible and affordable for all.

Our Memberships in Renewable Energy and Solar Panel Installation Industry Associations

CEC Member
Australian Owned Certified
Master Builders South Australia
Carbon Neutral turn emissions into trees
Smart Energy Council
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