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A life not limited by the sustainability, affordability and accessibility of home energy solutions.

Our beginning

Go Sunny started as a humble side-hustle and passion project, between a few good friends. who had grown disenchanted by the many failures and broken promises they witnessed across the solar market.

Sharing a strong desire to protect and help their friends and family to take advantage of the undeniable benefits of solar, without the financial or mental risks.

Go Sunny’s founders were emboldened  by one ambitious belief - that they could provide solar and deliver successful outcomes - better than anyone else.

Go Sunny’s early team had the raw ingredients and the combined skillset; needed to find new ways to truly help others navigate the complexity and risk of solar.

The founders of GO Sunny
Go Sunny team crossing their arms and smiling

Our Journey

Go Sunny was founded by some of the most experienced and seasoned solar veterans in the country.

An all-star team of suppliers, installers and consultants, from some of the biggest companies across the solar industry. The years of service and experience gave them the unique position to deliver a wider range of flexible and affordable options, at a fair price.

The Go Sunny team and customer base grew rapidly despite the challenges of price rises, supply shortages, subsidy drops and market saturation.

They discovered new opportunities to deliver high- value offers, above and beyond the market standard that had grown complacent riding the wave of the solar boom.

Go Sunny is actively  growing, learning and evolving, in the pursuit of; offers, service and results - that cannot be replicated, substituted or beaten for value.

DJ Portrait
"All we ever wanted was to be the solar guy for our family and friends. The trusted local guru, who has all the trade secrets, the inside line and the keys to the kingdom. We soon discovered that we could take care of more people, and make a bigger impact for more households"
Go Sunny win GE Solar Platinum Retailer of the Year

Go Sunny WIN!

GE Solar - Platinum Retailer of the Year

Go Sunny is honoured to be awarded as GE Solar’s #1 Platinum Retailer world-wide for 2021. Since 1893, General Electric has been a trusted household name in Australian homes.

To be awarded by such a prestigious partner is a great honour.

General Electric

Our Go Sunny team were very proud to receive the top honour and put our home on the map and world stage. To be an awarded partner of General Electric, a brand with over 130 years of history in electrical, employing over 400,000 people world-wide, is a great honour.

Go Sunny win GE Solar Platinum Retailer of the YearGo Sunny Team

January 2022 - A selection of company-wide representatives including ; management, sales consultants, installers and operations accept the GE Solar Platinum Retailer of the Year Award. Taken on Day 2 of the inaugural, annual - Go Sunny Solar Summit. The summit was held this year on Kangaroo Island, 20 kilometres off the mainland coast of South Australia.

Did you know? - Celebrations were short lived, as almost the whole team ended the summit testing positive for COVID-19. A tremendous effort from dedicated staff (who managed to escape any transmission) played out over the following 10 days, to ensure installations and consultations proceeded and promises to customers were kept and standards maintained.

Go Sunny building office exterior

No place like a new home!

We’ve moved to our new West Terrace office! Same great team of local experts, serving the great people of SA, from our new address.

In Nov 2022, the Go Sunny operation stepped up.

We’re now in prime location in West Terrace, Adelaide.

Go Sunny team working at their desks

Accredited members & industry advocates

Smart Energy Council
CEC Member
Master Builders South Australia

Go Sunny use and employ CEC accredited electricians for all solar pv designs and  installations. We relevant electrical and building licences to supply and install solar pv products in SA and 3 other states in Australia. 

As active members, of the industry's biggest and most respected organisations, we advocate for progress and impact, within the Australian Renewable Energy sector.

Our memberships reflect a commitment to delivering quality equipment, compliant workmanship and lasting value to customers. 

Portrait of Go Sunny staff
“Solar is a significant long-term investment and should be treated like one. We hope to do our part to turn “buy cheap, buy twice” into “do it once, do it right” by prioritising our customer’s returns short and long-term.

No shortcuts. No cutting corners.

We believe attention to detail makes all the difference.”

Home-grown Locals

Smart Energy CouncilCEC MemberMaster Builders South Australia
Go Sunny heaps good logo

Go Sunny is 100% Australian owned, operated and staffed, top to bottom. We invest heavily into the communities we live in, the customers we serve, and the people we employ -  we believe in supporting our neighbours, friends and families, to thrive. 

Our Memberships in Renewable Energy and Solar Panel Installation Industry Associations

CEC Member
Australian Owned Certified
Master Builders South Australia
Carbon Neutral turn emissions into trees
Smart Energy Council
I choose SA
Go Sunny map showing their distribution network

MM Electrical/Greentech stores in SA (20 in total, including Mount Gambier, Riverland, Northern Regional Port Lincoln Areas)

Regional Specialists

The ability to ship and supply the best equipment across a wider distribution network, makes it possible to supply remote areas and regional customers that are often overlooked or unable to access no outlay plans. 

Stretching as far as 650 kilometres away from our base of operations, we can offer solutions with the same calibre of on-going support, service and standards, that customers in a metro area receive. 

This is something we have not seen replicated (or available) as wide, deep or effective, from any other competitor or organisation to date.

Our promise

We’ve already thought of nearly every possible way to ensure you have a great experience and a great result, from “hello” to handover.

But, nobody is perfect, in every way, at everytime, no matter how skilled, or how well intended.

So our promise to you, is if we were ever to let you down;

  1. We will be accountable for any mistakes we are responsible for and are within our control.
  2. You will not be left stranded, abandoned or given the silent treatment.
  3. It will be our job to swoop in and pick up the pieces for you and do whatever it takes to get you back on track and keep you there. 

We listen.
We take any concerns seriously.
We welcome feedback or questions.

We are committed to making your journey a successful one wherever possible.

That’s our promise to you.

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