About us

Who are we, and what makes us different?

Go Sunny Team

Our associations

CEC Member
Australian Owned Certified
Master Builders South Australia
Carbon Neutral turn emissions into trees
Smart Energy Council
I choose SA
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Our beginning

Go Sunny started as a passion project between friends. All we ever wanted was to be the “solar guy” for our family and friends. The trusted local guru, who has all the trade secrets, the inside line and the keys to the kingdom. We soon discovered that we could care for more people, and make a bigger impact in more lives and households. The more we invested in the outcomes, the process and the one percenters, the better the results.

Go Sunny was founded by some of the most experienced and seasoned solar veterans in the country. An all-star team of suppliers, installers and consultants, from some of the biggest companies in the solar industry. These years of service have put us in a unique position, to leverage our network to deliver a wider range of flexible and affordable options, at a fair price.

​Our Promise

Going solar is like a wedding, its something you only want to do once in a lifetime, with the right person… then the honeymoon can last forever. We’ve thought of nearly everything from “hello” to handover, but nobody is perfect in every way, everytime.

If it were ever to let you down, you shouldn’t be left stranded, it should be our job to swoop in and pick up the pieces for you. We take any concerns seriously and are accountable for making your journey a successful one wherever possible.

Go Sunny sponshops of Little Juniper GinA Go Sunny staff looking at screenGE Solar Inverter Certificate
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We aim to be welcome in all homes, and worthy of a free beer in every pub we set foot in. 

We expected doing better installs, with better equipment would be popular. But our true secret? We focus only on your results, and then we invest in delivering and maintaining them, as if you were our own family.

That’s what will matter 10 years from now, your results and the support you had to get there. We take this stuff seriously, so you don’t have to.

That’s our promise to you.