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Go Sunny Powershift Battery Plan

This is the simple 3 step process where we can help you get batteries installed with a $0 deposit.

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Tech Improvements

Batteries for your home have become much cheaper as more products become available.

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Reduce reliance

Enjoy uninterrupted power during power outages.

No lock-in fees

Home and business

Achieve energy independence while saving money on energy bills

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South Australian residents face the highest electricity rates across the country.

In fact, they have some of the most expensive electricity prices globally.

Why is power so expensive?

  • Power companies are still recouping COVID-19 losses.
  • Electricity retailers are passing on wholesale price increases to residential customers
  • Russia has limited its gas export, skyrocketing gas prices.

What can we do about this?

Your Go Sunny Powershift Battery Plan Journey starts here

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Get the perfect plan for your home

Our solar battery experts walk you through a custom solar solution, tailored to your current needs and your future goals.

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Get your solar battery installed

Relax as we treat your home to a no hassle, world class install, from our highly experienced local teams.

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Start saving before you pay

Start seeing real results before you begin your Powershift plan, using just some of the money, you used to pay on power bills.

You have full control, any extra you save is all yours to keep.

You can finally use your solar generated power when you need it most.

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Our Powershift Battery Plan is perfect for you if:

  • You want to reduce your carbon footprint and promote sustainable energy solutions.
  • You want to take control of your energy usage
  • You already have solar, and want to use more of generated at night when you’re home
  • You cannot risk not having power because of critical equipment at home (server, medical devices, freezers)
ANYTIME solar plan
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Stop worrying about your bills.

Embrace a sustainable and cost-effective solution with our solar battery systems. Our team of experts is here to guide you through this seamless transition to renewable energy.

This is what working with us feels like


They made me feel at ease from the beginning

The team made it fantastic from day 1.

We looked at going Solar earlier, but due to the upfront costs, but due to the big bill in starting up the system put us off for a while.

No deposit, didn't need to save up any money. Ended up being cheaper than what our bill was. We saved money from day 1.


Our Memberships in Renewable Energy and Solar Panel Installation Industry Associations

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