Energy Independence For Anyone,
In Any Home,

A life not limited by the sustainability, affordability and accessibility of home energy solutions.

What makes us different?

Choosing us to do your solar, is the best way to achieve success

Going solar is like a wedding, it's something you only want to do once in a lifetime, with the right person… and for the honeymoon to last forever. 

We aim to sleep like babies, be welcome in all homes, and worthy of a free beer in every pub! 

We expected doing a better install, with better equipment would be popular. 

But our true secret?

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We focus on your results above all else.

Then, we invest in delivering and maintaining them, as if you were our own family.

That’s what will matter 10 years from now.

Your results, and the commitment and support to get you there along the way. 

We take this stuff seriously, so you don’t have to.

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Plenti is our premium green loan and no interest finance partner. Their dedication to providing the best outcomes, seamlessly integrated processes and most competitive fee structures to our customers is unparalleled.

To make ANYTIME available to as many people as possible, across more qualification options, maintain integrity and offer customers a wider variety of choices, we are partnered with 3 other providers, including Humm.

These power our ANYTIME plan, making solar more accessible and more affordable than ever to those who need the help.



Nearmap provides the most up-to-date and high-resolution aerial photography not available to the general public. We use NearMap to ensure we can generate precision designs within Pylon, using the most accurate and relevant information available to the private sector.



Pylon is the most advanced program for replicating the effects of weather, shade, orientation and layout on a solar system’s performance. The program allows for incredibly accurate forecasting of production and estimated returns and savings based on real data. Pylon is so sophisticated and proven to be so reliable, that it is consistently more accurate and reliable than humans at lightning speed.

Solar Analytics

Solar Analytics

Solar Analytics is our trusted partner for helping educate customers post-install with data-based insights on how solar solutions are performing in real-world scenarios. It is a powerful tool for visualising, auditing and interpreting the relationship between solar production, consumption, export and its relationship to energy savings and plans to optimise patterns for maximum returns.

Our core suppliers

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Go Sunny leverages the power and reach of Australia’s biggest solar and electrical wholesalers and distributors, One Stop Warehouse, MM Electrical and Greentech to provide customised solutions without limitations.

With these partnerships, we can offer a wider range of brands, equipment and components suited to any home or preference, with a higher level of integrity, free from conflicts of interest. 

Reliable and immediate access to stock, gives customers more flexibility and consultants have more options available to recommend solutions that are genuinely in a customer’s best interest and results focussed.

Ultimately, this unique collection of suppliers speeds up installation times, leads to better outcomes that last longer and delivers higher levels of satisfaction.

Minor Partnerships

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AESC is the Warehousing, Electrical and Installation arm of the Go Sunny network, and handles many of the Go Sunny’s solar installations, manages stock levels, as well as provides electrical services locally.

AESC is owned and operated by Go Sunny Solar. Integrated/hybrid operational staff keep everyone synchronised, with clear lines of communication, that delivers high-quality results faster.

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JC Energy

JC Energy is permanently partnered with Go Sunny, with over 20 years of electrical experience, they are an incredible asset to our network.

JC teams assist in solar installations and consult on many of our products and processes, to ensure quality control stays sky-high, in-house and under the same umbrella locally.

Go Sunny win GE Solar Platinum Retailer of the Year

In short, these partnerships are so close, interconnected and woven into the very fabric of the Go Sunny network, that we hold joint staff parties and support each other like family outside of work as well.

Leave your energy retailer in the dust

Show them that you’ve had enough and you’re taking matters into your own hands.  

Stop paying for power. Start making your own.

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