April 4, 2024

The Future Of Sports Funding: How Go Sunny Solar Is Changing The Game

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In an era where the importance of sustainable living is ever-increasing, Go Sunny Solar is not just making strides in promoting green energy but also revolutionizing the way we support grassroots sports. Our company's passion extends beyond providing top-notch solar and solar battery systems; we are deeply committed to nurturing the community that surrounds us, particularly the vibrant world of grassroots sports. This dedication has given birth to the Go for Green Solar Program, a pioneering initiative that intertwines the promotion of renewable energy with substantial financial support to local sporting clubs.

 A Win-Win Deal: Solar Energy Meets Sports Funding


In an exciting collaboration with Football SA, Go Sunny Solar has crafted a unique offer that benefits everyone involved: for every installation of our solar or solar battery systems, we will donate $500 to your local football club. This initiative not only encourages the adoption of sustainable energy solutions but also provides a much-needed financial boost to local sports clubs. It's a tangible reflection of our belief that embracing renewable energy can yield benefits far beyond the environment, reaching into the heart of our communities.


The Go for Green Solar Program: A Game-Changer for Clubs


Our Go for Green Solar Program is the first of its kind, offering a no-cost, hassle-free partnership for every major football club in South Australia. This program is designed to eliminate the complexities typically associated with fundraising and sponsorships, allowing clubs to focus on what they do best: fostering talent and growing the sport at the grassroots level. Through our partnership with Football South Australia, we are committed to promoting each club and providing them with unlimited $500 CASH Sponsorships for each community member who joins the Go Sunny Solar family. This initiative is a testament to our dedication to supporting local sports clubs and promoting sustainable living.


 Beyond Energy: A Commitment to Community and Equality


Our involvement in community and sports goes beyond mere sponsorships. Go Sunny Solar is a fervent supporter of inclusivity and equality, actively participating in initiatives aimed at raising awareness on critical issues such as men's mental health and women's health issues like Endometriosis. Our support for the Go Sunny Solar Women's National Premier League underscores our belief in the transformative power of women's sports and its potential to shape the future.


In the words of Dejan Nikolic, CEO of Go Sunny Solar, "The Go for Green Solar Program allows clubs to use their networks and organic reach to help put more Sunny Bucks through their doors, hoping to stimulate investments and reinvestment into football at a grassroots level." This statement encapsulates our vision: to leverage our expertise in renewable energy as a vehicle for social change, particularly in supporting the growth and sustainability of grassroots sports.


Embrace Renewable Energy, Score Big for Your Club


The partnership between Go Sunny Solar and Football SA is more than just a business deal; it's a reflection of our commitment to the community and the environment. By choosing Go Sunny Solar, you're not only securing your energy future but also contributing to the vitality and success of local football clubs. It's an opportunity to be part of something bigger, to make a difference in the world of grassroots sports while taking a step towards a more sustainable future.


At Go Sunny Solar, we are more than just a solar company. We are pioneers in our field, driven by a passion for innovation, community, and sustainability. Join us in our journey towards a greener future and help us transform the landscape of sports funding forever.

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