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Shopadocket Exclusive Offer - $500 GO Sunny VISA Debit Card

Only if you're approved for a NO Outlay, ANYTIME Solar Plan.

So be quick and enter your contact details below, to secure your GO Sunny VISA Debit Card, with a quick energy and home assessment call!

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Only available for the first 50 ANYTIME plans.

ANYTIME solar plan
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Go Sunny ANYTIME Solar Plan

This is the simple 3 step process
where we can help you get panels installed
with a $0 deposit.

Go Sunny Employee on the phone

Get the perfect plan for your home

Our solar experts walk you through a custom solar solution, tailored to your current needs and your future goals.

Go Sunny staff installing panels on roofs

Get solar panels installed

Relax as we treat your roof to a no hassle, world class solar install, from our highly experienced local teams.

Woman putting money into a piggy bank

Start saving before you pay

Start seeing real results before you begin your ANYTIME plan, using just some of the money, you used to pay on power bills.

You have full control, any extra you save is all yours to keep.

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We call it
because you can
get started or finish it off,
you like.

Woman putting her hands in the air
Government building with a wallet

Save immediately

Take advantage of thousands in Government Subsidies while you still can.

$0 sign in a money bag.

$0 Outlay

To get your panels up, with easy repayments lower than your current bills

No lock-in fees

No lock-in or exit fees

You can finish your plan ANYTIME you want.
Go your own pace.

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What’s the catch?

The only catch, is that not everyone gets approved and not every home is suitable and we don’t know until we try. Otherwise ANYTIME solar is a win-win for everyone.

We can all get free power from the sun, all we do is help you get it now.

We make sure your system will pay for itself, so we’re all getting ahead together.

If we can show you how to get solar up and running, with no outlay,

in a way that’s cheaper than paying your bill anyway,

Why throw your money away?

Start putting that money towards solar now and we’ll help you get ahead from day 1.

Couple concerned with rising bills

See some of our customers who have saved with ANYTIME

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Terms & Conditions

  • Payment will be organised within 28 days of the referred customer’s system being installed and paid for in full
  • $500 will be paid GO Sunny VISA Debit Cards.