October 23, 2023

Fact or Fiction - Solar Myths & Misconceptions BUSTED

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Australians are world leaders in the adoption of solar power technology and are well versed in the benefits of having solar panels on their roof – both for the environment and bank balance. Chances are, if you don’t have solar panels installed then you know someone who does! For those who are still on the fence about solarising their property, we have set out to refute the most common misconceptions about solar so that you too can join the solar party!

Myth 1. Solar Panels Don’t Work in Winter

Today’s solar panel technology is designed to operate with supreme efficiency and capture the sun’s energy even on the darkest of days. Solar panels work through all four seasons of the year although due to the shorter winter days with less daylight hours, they will produce marginally less energy in the cooler months. 

Believe it or not, solar panels actually work better in cooler weather, a bit like how your phone will slow down or overheat left on your dashboard, but be great when cool. In winter the efficiency of your solar panels and the size of your system kicks in to overdrive, meaning they will be performing at their optimal level. The more panels you have, the better you can capitalise on the reduced (but potent) daylight window. 

Myth 2. Solar Panel Installations Do Damage to Rooftops

Many homeowners want to switch to solar energy but find themselves wondering, “Will solar panels ruin my roof?”. Solar panels are not inherently bad for rooftops, and any potential for damage is related to the skill of the installer in most cases, not the solar panel itself. It is true some roofs are easier than others, so it is very important to have skilled and experienced tradesmen with a great track record for stellar results, who will take time and install with care.

Solar panels can actually protect your roof from the weather, elements which normally degrade your rooftop material over time. On tin roofs they can often reinforce the existing roof truss design and structure. The weight isn’t as much of a concern as you might think either (about 19kg each), with each panel’s weight being evenly distributed across two rails, rather than concentrating the weight on a weak point. Solar panels also provide insulation which will improve the ambient temperature inside your house and reduce your reliance on heating and cooling.

Go Sunny Solar, GE’s 2021 Platinum Retailer of the year, with many years solar installation experience is the ideal partner to trust with your install. We confidently offer 10 years of workmanship warranty and integrity with each installation so you’re home and roof are protected for the long haul. With correct installation, there will be no damage to your roof, and you will be generating power and savings immediately. 

Myth 3. Solar Power Systems Must Have a Battery

Some people believe that electricity generated by a solar panel is lost unless it is used or  stored in a battery – this is not  the case. Solar Power Systems are connected to the main electricity grid, which means there is a built-in back-up for all your property’s energy needs. 

In times when you need power, your house will simply draw power from the grid automatically. Likewise, when you are generating more power than you can consume, the system will automatically send the excess power back to the grid. This ebb and flow balance of electricity, to and from the grid aims to balance out the consumption of any grid power. A key reason many homes are not yet suitable for battery solutions as there is just not enough bills left to save or justify the investment.

Myth 4. Solar Panels Reduce the Value of Real Estate

Living a sustainable lifestyle and minimising one’s carbon footprint is something most Australians strive for - whether it be by recycling, catching public transport or switching to LED light globes. Being a responsible global citizen and doing our part against climate change is critical and many Australians agree that installing solar panels on your home is one of the best ways to reduce one’s carbon emissions.

The popularity of energy efficient homes can be seen on realestate.com.au where under their filtered search terms there is a now a click box for ‘solar panels’, right up there with ‘swimming pool’! 

A study from realestate.com.au states 57% of Australian homeowners would pay up to $10,000 more for a house with solar panels. Momentumenergy.com.au reports the increase in property value to be $6,000 per kilowatt of solar energy. This means that if you install a 5kW solar panel system it could add $30,000 to your house sell price! 

Whatever measurement you take, clearly there is a direct link between installing solar panels to increased property value. Energy efficiency is a very important consideration for Australians when purchasing property.

Even if you don’t profit from the sale and make more than the system’s original value, you can be almost certain to recover any amount still remaining on your ANYTIME Solar Plan! The only way to lose is to keep paying for power or delaying a solar install any longer or further.

Myth 5. Solar Power Systems Require High Maintenance

Solar panels are a great investment that can provide you with renewable solar energy for the next 25 years or more. But how do you maintain them? Are they like a car and need regular servicing? The good news is that solar panels are surprisingly low maintenance. 

Go Sunny solar panels are installed at a tilted angle enabling them to be self-cleaning with debris able to slide off with gravity and rainfall to naturally clean them. The surface has a self cleaning film, similar to Teflon, rain does most of the work, but you are welcome to hose them down every 2-3 years if a thin film develops. However, paying for solar panels to be cleaned or maintained is not necessary the majority of the time. Many panel cleaners will overstate the benefits, and use well-timed measurements to make their services seem justified. The reality is, solar panels work off solar radiation, which is hardly deterred at all by small particles. It is large obstructions like chimneys or pipes that would make an impact on performance.

The rest of your system’s functionality and parts are all covered under warranty including labour for any faults, repairs or replacements in extreme circumstances.

Myth 6. Solar Panel Systems Are Ridiculously Expensive

Our ANYTIME solar plan is perfect for you if you’re tired of paying big power bills and want solar but don’t want to pay upfront. Utilising government grants and financial partners, you can be on your way with solar with zero upfront cost, low repayments and zero interest. Have the freedom to use as much power as you want ANYTIME – all the air con you want in summer and heating in winter. We’re here to make going solar simple.

When power prices are increasing and the pressure is rising, set yourself up with solar. Make your bills go away forever with Go Sunny Solar. Anyone, anywhere, ANYTIME can Go Solar with Go Sunny and benefit from tapping into solar-derived clean energy.

Make the switch to solar with Go Sunny Solar, the 2021 GE Platinum Retailer of the Year and start saving today! Contact Go Sunny solar on 1800 979 680 or complete our online enquiry form to schedule a non-obligation, free consultation.

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