October 23, 2023

Go Sunny Solar is expanding to NSW

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With rising energy prices and interest rates, solar is becoming an attractive option for people looking to save money. Go Sunny Solar has been helping satisfied customers in SA make the switch to solar, providing great service along the way. Our ANYTIME Solar Plan helps customers transition to solar by paying a $0 upfront cost while making interest-free repayments over time.

NSW has seen growth in their solar industry and we felt it was the right time to expand our services. While solar rebates and incentives are gradually decreasing, we feel our ANYTIME Solar Plan offers a benefit that other companies don’t have. Combined with our great customer service, Go Sunny Solar is poised to help more homeowners in NSW make the switch to solar.

Who is Go Sunny Solar?

We are a solar company founded by some of the most experienced solar industry veterans in South Australia. The team consists of suppliers, installers, and consultants who take the time to understand their customers. By offering flexible and affordable solar solutions, Go Sunny Solar installs solar systems that meet their customers’ needs.

The team always looks for new opportunities to provide the best offers for their customers. They never stop learning or growing when it comes to bringing the best solar systems for their customers. While supply shortages and disappearing subsidies make installing solar more challenging, Go Sunny Solar always looks out for their customers. That has helped them grow their customer base even as the market standard stagnates after the solar boom.

What services does Go Sunny offer?

Go Sunny Solar provides commercial and residential solar installations, along with battery plans for customers interested in solar energy storage. For commercial solutions, Go Sunny Solar will ask you about your property, your current energy bill, then set up a time to contact you for more details.

Residential solar installations are paired with the ANYTIME Solar Plan, which is our interest-free loan. After getting a quote, you can apply for the ANYTIME Solar Plan to install your system with a $0 upfront cost. You will make interest-free repayments while experiencing all the benefits of solar.

For battery installations, you have the Powershift Battery Plan. It’s similar to the ANYTIME Solar Plan, but geared towards existing solar installations that want to install batteries. After talking with Go Sunny Solar about the best battery solution, you can sign up for the plan and get your batteries with $0 upfront cost. Use the money that you would normally spend on energy to pay for your batteries.

If you are interested in our commercial solutions, fill out a short survey that gives us a basic outline of your needs. That gives us an idea of the solar system you need and the general cost. After discussing it with you over the phone, we will visit your office to inspect the building. A quote will be prepared and we walk you through every step of the process.

What products do Go Sunny sell?

The solar panels that Go Sunny Solar uses come from JA Solar and Q Cells. Q Cells is well known for the quality of their solar panels, such as the Q.MAXX BLK-G4+ panel. They have won several awards for their solar panels and partner with several installers around the world.

JA Solar is known for their mass production of solar panels, which allows them to price their products at affordable price points. Going with JA Solar’s panels allows you to install solar on your home at a price that won’t break your budget.

The inverters and batteries used by Go Sunny Solar come from sonnen, one of the most well-known solar battery manufacturers in the world. Their solar batteries are good for indoor and outdoor use, while helping you store energy for extensive night use.

How would you manage your solar system?

Thanks to Clipsal Cortex, you can monitor your solar system performance and manage your energy usage. It is an AI-powered system that provides real-time insights to help you see the energy you are generating and where it is going. You won’t need WiFi to connect to the system which helps if you need that bandwidth for something else.

The app’s interface is easy to use and it helps you decide what energy plan is right for you. It won’t encourage you to purchase more products or expand your system with a specific brand. Clipsal Cortex ensures you get the best return on your investment by making sure your solar system is working perfectly. Contact us today to learn how it works for your system.

Why is Go Sunny Solar expanding to NSW?

Go Sunny Solar is expanding to NSW because more households there are adopting solar. Residential uptake of solar has been increasing every year with statistics available since 2019. They also have various solar incentives to help reduce the cost of purchasing solar, such as the Solar for Low Income Households program.

Battery prices are also going down, which is perfect for people who are looking to expand their existing solar systems. It’s perfect for the Powershift Battery Plan, as customers won’t spend as much time paying back the initial payment. They also enjoy the benefits of solar batteries and can expand their system even further.

Why has Go Sunny Solar succeeded in SA?

Go Sunny Solar’s ANYTIME Solar Plan has helped customers get easy access to solar. With government incentives slowly going away and rising energy prices, customers look to solar for cheaper prices. The ANYTIME Solar Plan allows you to purchase your solar system with a $0 upfront cost, which gives you the benefit of solar immediately.

Solar is a big purchase with terms and concepts that aren’t familiar to many people in the industry. Our experts help break down these concepts and terms into examples that you understand. If you aren’t sure about something, we are happy to spend time helping you learn. Our customers in SA appreciate that, and that’s why they choose us and our plans.

Why should you choose Go Sunny over other solar companies?

When buying solar, you want to ensure that you know exactly what you are buying and how to judge your system. If you have questions, you want them answered before you make any commitments to buying a system. For people who think the cost of a solar system is expensive, they want alternative forms of payment.

At Go Sunny Solar, we make sure that our experts guide you through every step of the process. Our service stands out because we break down solar to make sure you understand what your money is buying. We constantly research new ways to provide value for money, giving you more choices for your solar system. 

If solar is too expensive for you, our ANYTIME Solar Plan gives you a way to enjoy solar with no upfront cost. The repayments are interest free and you can pay it off as quickly as you like. With more finance options and better service than other solar companies, choosing us is an easy choice.

What is the ANYTIME Solar Plan?

The ANYTIME Solar Plan is our interest free payment plan that allows you to enjoy the benefits of solar right away. After you get the quote for your solar system, we can start installing everything for a $0 upfront cost. Once the plan is set up, you make interest-free repayments towards your solar system.

These repayments can be made as quickly as you like, paying off the loan to avoid worrying about it. But it won’t accrue interest unlike other financing options like a personal loan from a bank. Your solar system will also be set up first to let you enjoy the energy savings immediately.

While we must approve your application for the ANYTIME Solar Plan before it begins, we walk you through the process. It’s a great way to finance solar if you can’t afford the upfront cast, and you aren’t affected by rising interest rates.

Go Sunny’s 5 star reviews from satisfied customers

Don’t take it from us, here are some of our recent reviews from satisfied customers:

Go Sunny, has made the whole process of getting solar, a breeze. From an initial telephone consultation with Flynn, to installation, only took 3 weeks. Flynn fully explained every step of the electronic documentation, which was signed and lodged there and then. The installers arrived at the time stated and just got on with the job. After which, they ran through what they had done, basic panel maintenance tips, and how to use the associated App. Great friendly service and communication all the way. Highly recommend Flynn and the team at Go Sunny.

- Andrew Watson

I am now the proud owner of a renewable energy system for my home and could not be happier with the decision to go with Jase.
I had the pleasure of working with Jase as my solar power consultant, and I can confidently say that their dedication to customer service is unparalleled. From the initial consultation to the final installation, Jase went above and beyond my expectations to ensure that every aspect of the solar power project was tailored to my specific needs. I did not feel any pressure and he encouraged me to take my time and think through the information he had given me.
Jase took the time to thoroughly explain the benefits of solar power and guided me through the process of selecting the right system for my home. Information was clear and readily available in a report format. They were always available to answer my questions and address any concerns I had, making me feel confident in my decision to move to solar power. He also asked me about my future power needs that might become needed in the future. Throughout the installation process, Jase and their team were punctual, professional, and respectful of my home. They made sure that the project was completed on time and within budget, without sacrificing quality.
Overall, I am truly impressed with Jase's exceptional service and strong focus on customer satisfaction. They quickly had my trust and respect, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to make the switch to solar power. I have already spoken to family and friends about speaking with Jase to enjoy a similar experience.”

- Paul Clapton-Caputo

Very happy with the services provided by Josh and his team at Go Sunny. We had started renovating when we enquired and we were able to set it all up to be installed as soon as our extension was complete, installation was all done within a day and the installation team were very helpful in showing us how everything works.
We love the live app where you can see exactly what you are generating at the time and you can see how much you are saving on electricity. Communication was great and we really benefited from the information we were given on how and when is best to use our new solar energy, even after installation Josh is happy to help with enquires! Have already recommended to a few friends and will continue to recommend!”

- Teresa B


Go Sunny Solar is coming to NSW and bringing the best customer service with it. When you purchase a solar system from us, rest easy knowing that we will guide you through the entire process. We consider your needs and ensure you understand everything that will be installed on your property.

We have had great success in SA and the potential for solar in NSW means it is a great time to expand. If you want solar but aren’t sure about paying the upfront cost, our ANYTIME Solar Plan can help. You get the benefits of solar with no upfront costs, and interest-free repayments that can be paid as quickly as you like.

If you are interested in getting started with us, contact us today and we can arrange a time to discuss your solar needs.

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