October 23, 2023

Q Cells vs Jinko - which solar panels should you choose?

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As the global demand for clean renewable energy production grows, so does the need for high-quality solar panels. Solar power has become an increasingly popular choice for those seeking to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle

Among the top solar panel manufacturers, Q Cells and Jinko Solar have emerged as industry leaders.

Both Q CELLS and Jinko Solar are leading solar panel manufacturers, offering high-quality, efficient, and durable solar panels for harnessing solar power. The best solar panels for you will depend on your specific requirements, budget, and preferences.

While Q CELLS panels boast slightly higher efficiency ratings and better performance in high-temperature environments, Jinko panels are cost-effective without sacrificing quality. Regardless of your decision, you can trust that you're investing in a reliable and efficient solar energy solution.

This article provides a comprehensive comparison of these two companies, covering various aspects, including company history, manufacturing process, product range, efficiency and performance, innovation and technology, cost and pricing, warranty and customer support, and market share and industry recognition.

Let's dive in!

Company overview: Comparing history, growth, and global presence

Q Cells

Q Cells solar panels

Q CELLS, a German company, was founded in 1999. It later merged with Hanwha Group, a South Korean conglomerate, to become Hanwha Q CELLS.

Q CELLS has manufacturing facilities in South Korea, Malaysia, and China.

As of 2022, they employ about 8000 staff.

Jinko Solar

Jinko solar panels

Jinko Solar, on the other hand, was established in 2006 in China.

They burst onto the scene, claiming significant market share by producing a decent, and cost-effective product. As of 2000, they employ over 12,000 staff.

Both companies have experienced tremendous growth and are now prominent solar panel brands in the solar industry.

Solar Panel Efficiency

Solar panel efficiency is a measure of how well a solar module can convert sunlight into usable electricity. When comparing solar panels, efficiency is not as important as you might think.

Q CELLS and Jinko Solar both offer high-efficiency panels. Their solar panels typically range between 21% and 22.5% efficiency.

While having a high-efficiency solar panel is undoubtedly an advantage, it's important to note that it's not always the most critical factor when choosing a solar panel.

For homes or buildings with ample roof space, a slightly lower efficiency panel may still provide sufficient power to meet the property's energy needs. In these cases, it might be more cost-effective to opt for a lower-efficiency solar panel that comes at a lower price.

That said, if you have a small roof or a limited amount of space for solar panels, then efficiency becomes more important. In these situations, a high-efficiency solar panel can help maximise the power generation, ensuring that you get the most energy possible from your available space.

Comparing the prices

Q CELLS and Jinko Solar are competitively priced within the market. While Q CELLS panels are slightly more expensive due to their brand name, Jinko offer a more budget-friendly option without compromising on quality.

It is essential to consider the long-term energy yield and panel durability when assessing the value for money of solar panels.

Both Q CELLS and Jinko Solar provide a reliable return on investment due to their high efficiency, performance, and durability.

Comparing Solar panel brands

Recommended solar panel brands from SolarQuotes

You may have seen this image floating around.

As you can see, Q cells are located towards the top right-hand corner. It has good brand recognition and costs higher.

On the other hand, Jinko is still a good brand but is considered "entry-level" in terms of their price.

Whilst it's not perfect, it's not a bad representation of what you would expect to pay for the product vs the brand name itself.

Warranty and customer support

Warranty coverage is a crucial factor when choosing a solar panel brand.

Q CELLS offers a 25-year linear performance warranty and a 12-year product warranty, while Jinko Solar provides a similar 25-year linear performance warranty and a slightly shorter 10-year product warranty.

Both companies offer exceptional customer support and after-sales service. They have dedicated support teams to assist customers with any issues or queries, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for solar installers and end-users alike.

Differences in products:

FeatureQcells Q.PEAK DUO M-G11SJinko Tiger Neo N-type 54HL4R-B
Power Range (Wp)400 - 420420 - 440
Maximum Module Efficiency (%)21.522.02
Cell TechnologyMonocrystalline Q.ANTUM solar half cellsN-type Monocrystalline
Number of Cells108 (6x18)108 (6x18)
Dimensions (mm)1722 x 1134 x 301762 x 1134 x 30
Weight (kg)21.122
FrameBlack anodised aluminiumAnodised aluminium alloy
Glass3.2 mm thermally pre-stressed glass with anti-reflection technology3.2 mm, anti-reflection coating, high transmission, low iron, tempered glass
Junction BoxIP67, with bypass diodesIP68 rated
ConnectorStäubli MC4, Hanwha Q CELLS HQC4; IP68Staubli MC4 or MC4-EVO2; Jinko PV material
Product Warranty12 years25 years (only applicable in Australia)
Performance Warranty25 years30 years
Annual Degradation0.5% (after first year)0.4%
Operating Temperature Range-40°C to +85°C-40°C to +85°C
Maximum System Voltage1000 V1000 V (IEC)
Wind Load3600 Pa2400 Pa
Snow Load5400 Pa5400 Pa
CertificationsTÜV Rheinland; IEC 61215:2016; IEC 61730:2016IEC61215(2016), IEC61730(2016)

Who would Q CELLS solar panels be useful for

Q Cells solar panels are an ideal choice for customers seeking a premium product that offers high-quality performance, durability, and efficiency. These solar panels are particularly suitable for the following types of customers:

Customers with limited roof space

As Q Cells solar panels boast high efficiency, they can generate more power from a smaller surface area. This makes them an excellent choice for those with limited roof space, as they can maximise their energy production without needing a large installation.

Customers in demanding environments

Q Cells solar panels are known for their durability and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. For customers living in areas with extreme temperatures, heavy snowfall, or strong winds, Q Cells panels can provide consistent performance and longevity.

Customers seeking long-term savings

While Q Cells solar panels may come with a higher upfront cost, their high efficiency and durability translate to long-term savings on energy bills and reduced maintenance costs. Customers who are looking to invest in a solar system that will deliver savings over an extended period may find Q Cells a fitting option.

Customers looking for a reliable brand

Q Cells has a well-established reputation in the solar industry, and their panels are backed by robust warranties. Customers who value brand reliability and after-sales support can trust Q Cells to deliver on these fronts.

Q Cells solar panels are an excellent choice for customers who prioritise efficiency, durability, and long-term savings. They cater to a wide range of needs, making them a top choice for a diverse group of customers seeking a premium solar solution.

Who would Jinko Solar be useful for

Jinko panels are a fantastic option for customers seeking a budget-friendly alternative without compromising on quality. These solar panels are particularly suitable for the following types of customers:

Budget-conscious customers

Jinko Solar panels are known for their competitive pricing, making them an attractive choice for customers working with a tight budget. These panels offer a great balance of cost and quality, allowing customers to enjoy the benefits of solar energy without breaking the bank.

Customers looking for a solid performance

While Jinko Solar panels may not boast the highest efficiency rates in the market, they still deliver reliable and consistent performance. Customers who want a good quality solar system without the premium price tag can rely on Jinko for their energy needs.

Customers with ample roof space

Since Jinko Solar panels have slightly lower efficiency compared to premium alternatives, customers with a larger roof area can still achieve their desired energy production by installing a greater number of panels without significantly affecting the overall system cost.


Not all solar panels are created equal, and it's important to consider factors such as manufacturing quality, solar panel warranties, and the ability to withstand higher wind speeds when choosing a solar panel brand. Q CELLS and Jinko Solar both offer high-quality panels that can handle wind and snow loads, as well as advanced glass manufacturing to ensure more solar energy harvest and better performance.

Ultimately, the choice between Q cell solar panels and Jinko Solar panels depends on your specific requirements, budget, and preferences. Both brands offer high operational efficiency, ensuring a high energy yield and a good return on investment.

Solar installers and end-users in Australia and worldwide can trust these two solar panel brands to deliver consistently performing solar cells, backed by robust warranties and exceptional customer support.

In conclusion, both Q CELLS and Jinko Solar are reputable solar panel manufacturers within the industry, offering high-quality solar systems that cater to a diverse range of customers. By considering factors such as solar panel quality, efficiency, and durability, you can make an informed decision that best suits your renewable energy needs.

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