October 23, 2023

Go Sunny Solar proudly sponsors George Gutierrez Motorsport

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George Gutierrez Motorsport

“When the opportunity arose to help support local talent George Gutierrez & his team at GGM, it was a simple decision. Go Sunny was also founded in SA and strongly believes in helping other locals go for their dreams. Being in a position to give back to another South Aussie in the same boat really resonated with us.

Relationships are what build the future & this newly formed, yet hopefully, long-lasting relationship between GSS & GGM is just the start of a big 2021 for both of our organizations and we really look forward to seeing what George and his team can do.”

South Australian racer George Gutierrez has launched into a fresh new partnership and step up to the newly V8-powered SuperUtes series in 2021.

Graduating from the Toyota 86 Series, Gutierrez purchased the former Charlie Schwerkolt TEAM 18 Holden Colorado SuperUte and marks a new partnership for the local with South Australian solar energy company Go Sunny jumping on board for the next step in his career.

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