October 23, 2023

Why Trend Fitness in Seaford went solar with Go Sunny

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The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) reports that solar customers, on average, save up to 31 percent on their energy bills. With Go Sunny Solar’s ANYTIME plan, businesses and households can take advantage of these savings by going solar with no deposit and without any wait.

The Go Sunny Solar community continues to grow with happy customers, helping the environment by reducing carbon emissions and saving businesses money at the same time.

Go Sunny Solar recently installed a solar panel system at Trend Fitness Seaford.

We designed a solar panel system for Trend Fitness with an energy output of 51,173 kWh per year. It consists of 94 x 365W Canadian Solar Hiku 1000V solar panels, with a total system size of 34.31 kW.

What were the primary reasons for Trend Fitness Seaford wanting to go solar?

Simply put, dollars and cents. Trend Fitness were experiencing increasing operating costs of running a business with 24/7 power usage and large air conditioning units. They were also eager to do their bit for the environment by reducing their carbon footprint.

What system was designed for Trend Fitness Seaford? Size? Type of Panels? And, why?

After analysing the electricity needs of Trend Fitness Seaford, we designed a system with an energy output of 51,173 kWh per year.

94 x 365W Canadian Solar Hiku 1000V solar panels were installed with consumption monitoring, live and historical data. Each panel also has individual information displayed. The total size of the system is 34.31 kW.

It is a SolarEdge Power Optimised System with a 25year parts and labour warranty.

Pro tip: GO SUNNY SOLAR is a locally-owned and operated solar company that specialises in business and residential solar installations. GE platinum-certified, we’re one of the top solar installers in Australia providing bespoke solar systems at highly competitive prices.

Was there a reduction in the electricity bill after installation? How much?

Trend Fitness has enjoyed estimated annual savings of $11,462.73 for their business electricity bills. This is a 55% improvement on their electricity costs.

Did Trend Fitness use any of your finance products?

We selected Solaris Finance on Go Sunny Solar’s Commercial ANYTIME plan for Trend Fitness. This was the best fit for them and enables instant savings on their electricity bills, generating an asset on their property, as well as an instant tax write-off.

The payback period on the project will be 2-3 years.

How many trees were planted as part of Go Sunny’s Planting 4 Panels initiative with Carbon Neutral?

Our partnership with Carbon Neutral for our Planting 4 Panels initiative has planted 922 trees this year. This saved the equivalent of 153,232 litres of petrol and avoided 17,415kg of coal being burnt.

Were there any challenges faced with the installation?

Being a commercial project, whereby the business was operating in a leased building, negotiations with multiple parties had to be agreed upon to get the solar project off the ground.

Go Sunny Solar worked with the landlord, council, and business owner to find a solution amenable to all. There were also no penetrations on the roof to contend with and we had to design an install with minimal disruption to neighbouring businesses.

Have you had to do any maintenance on the Trend Fitness Seaford system?

The Trend Fitness Seaford Go Sunny Solar system features individual panel information from which annual data can be generated to compare for losses in dirt, soiling, and shading. No maintenance has been required yet.

Tips and Takeaways

Tip #1

Finance is available to get you underway with solar. Speak to Go Sunny Solar about our ANYTIME plan and get started saving money today with no deposit and low repayments.

Tip #2

Solar panels are much more durable than most property owners imagine. Apart from warranty terms of up to 25 years, they also don’t require much maintenance and are largely self-cleaning. Rain tends to help naturally keep your solar panel setup clean and reduces the need for regular maintenance.

Whether you’re ready to install solar panels on your roof, or just wondering how you can benefit from solar, reach out to us and we will find the best solar solution for you.

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